Panasonic TOUGHBOOKs

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK – Leading the rugged revolution since 1996

Panasonic created the first generation of tougher devices and the rugged device market itself. They have since established themselves as number one in the category, and have maintained their position as Europe’s leading rugged laptop manufacturer ever since.

The year was 1987. Panasonic had recently released its original notebook design (ODM), highlighting the need for professional-level rugged computing devices. Enhanced durability and reduced cost of ownership were key demands.
Plans were soon put in place for a purpose-built factory in Kobe, Japan. It would be responsible for producing rugged notebooks under the Panasonic name. And that’s how TOUGHBOOK was born.

Now, with a product line-up that includes laptops, tablets and handheld devices, as well as a wide range of accessories, modular configuration options, and professional services, we’re proud to be your go to supplier for the ever evolving TOUGH technology.

Working with CMW Tech you can;
• Engineer your perfect TOUGHBOOK solution
• Customise it to your needs
• Get Support every step of the way
• ProTect your investment with unparalleled security, intelligence and service options

Combined with the proven durability of TOUGHBOOK products and the backing of world-class service, CMW Tech ensures that your workforce never misses a beat.

Military Application of TOUGHBOOK

TOUGH is Staying strong in mission-critical moments

Ready for anything
Leading the way for digital transformation in the defence sector, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK is optimising defence operations and military efficiency.
Panasonic TOUGHBOOK mission-ready mobile devices are trusted by international defence partners and tested to the strictest military standards for reliability and durability. Where others fail, TOUGHBOOK is on hand to support the team.

Rugged devices built to handle any mission
During training and military operations, having technology you can count on isn’t just important – it’s critical.

For over 20 years we’ve worked in partnership with defence organisations and system integrators to deliver rugged, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) mobile solutions for today’s digitally enabled militaries.

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